About us

Welcome to the home of Augmon McQuay Enterprises LLC--an American based, veteran owned and operated  manufacturing company whose brand name, Unk's Island Blendz, was conceived out of appreciation for our multicultural landscape; growing up in a diverse community setting allowed for an early introduction to a variety of cooking traditions that nurtured an affinity for exotic sauces, marinades and seasonings.

     Unk's Island Blendz Jerk Seasoning is a fiery blend of fruits, herbs and spices culminating over 300 years of the Caribbean Islands and West Indies unique seasoning tradition; and is the first in a product line of tropical blends and spices soon to be introduced as an extension of our brand.

     Unk's Island Blendz is a low sodium based jerk seasoning that is made with all natural ingredients, with no preservatives added. Use on meats (including wild game), poultry, seafood, soups and/or vegetables; use to compliment your favorite dish or recipe. Great for barbecue. 

     Savor the bona fide taste of Caribbean Island cuisine in the comfort of your own kitchen; impress your friends and loved-ones.